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Heating How do i heat when i am off the grid ?

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Old 02-19-2021, 04:12 PM
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Default Solar Heating & Wood

you could make a solar heater or you could burn wood there's many options for heating a home

Wood burning stoves
Firewood is relatively easy to access throughout the country and the cost per cord can be very good in comparison to other types of fuel. If you have enough land, you can potentially harvest and re-plant your trees on an annual basis. Often a wooded property will have enough fallen trees already on it to avoid cutting down trees for years.
Wood is also great because you can harvest it and store it yourself, potentially giving you access to a 12-month or longer fuel supply on your own property. That’s certainly a lot of fuel security.

Wood stove for off grid heating

The best types of wood to burn for heating purposes are dark woods, such as oak and elm. These are very dense woods that will provide a longer and more consistent burn, whereas soft woods such as pine will burn quickly and unevenly.

Common wood burning appliances that are ideal for off-grid living include the likes of wood burning stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces. In particular, wood burning stoves remain popular for off grid living as they require no electricity, can provide that homely aesthetic, and are able to generate a good amount of heat. They are also relatively cheap to buy and install.
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